About Quantum Capital Fund

Quantum Capital Fund is a multi-staged venture capital firm that is largely invested in the Information Technology and the Online Media sectors. The intellectual dynamic of Quantum Capital Fund’s economic principles are governed by mitigating both systematic and unsystematic risk, whilst ensuring the highest rate of return. The company’s financial paradigm is engineered to meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of business.


Our philosophy

Quantum Capital Fund (QCF) is visionary in identifying market sectors globally. We have institutionalized our vision by positioning our investments within the intellectual framework of those economic engines. The professional team has been head hunted to execute the intellectual criteria of the company and manage its diverse portfolio.



At QCF we offer an individual and personal approach to every partnership we form and provide a wealth of sector experience and knowledge from across the Information Technology sector, Online Media and other internet markets, enabling us to contribute to the development of strategic business plans and the relative strategic decisions that may need to be taken. If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative idea or an established business looking to improve your competitive edge, contact us to learn how we can take you further. Please submit an executive summary by email .