Apple mulls styling Apple care on Household Insurance model

By Quantum Capital Fund

Industry consistency is one of the hallmarks of a stable profitable company. While companies will be reluctant to implement change, change that will benefit the company from a cost perspective as well as the service it offers is encouraged.

A report from popular Apple news site AppleInsider indicates that there could be possible changes to the way the company services its products. The company plans to revamp its AppleCare and AppleCare+ and will now offer the services on a subscription basis and that the warrantees that apply to each individual product will now be covered by one plan. Apple is basically selling household insurance type cover for its products.

There are significant benefits to this change from both perspectives. The obvious advantages for Apple are from a cost perspective where the company can afford to cut manpower, relevant service training and of course marketing the different maintenance packages that the company offers. By transforming Apple Care into a one stop shop, it transforms every Apple Care agent into a multi-product specialist and cuts out on the possibility of users having to deal with a number of service agents in order to get a problem solved. Some technical problems are common among most products and a problem with an iPhone may need an iPad or an iPod solution. This also offers considerable benefits to Apples clients who will get the best cover possible from an employee who is a multi product specialist.

This may set a trend in the industry and prove to be popular. Users want the best after sales service possible when spending considerable money on a product. Apple needs to gain market intelligence to see whether implementing this would be in the company’s interest.