Building capacity in online content is becoming a key profitability driver

By Quantum Capital Fund

In a modern technology market, where the worlds in increasingly embracing the mobile revolution, the importance of online content is growing rapidly and it is an important sector for companies to increase their capacity in if they want to remain relevant in the market.

There are a number of ways to approach this. A company could embark on an extensive due diligence campaign where they find out the type of content their competitors are building capacity in. Another strategy that can be employed is to conduct an online survey where users provide their feedback regarding the online content they would like to see.

However, the most effective way to acquire engaging online content to follow the Wild West strategy of offering a reward to the developers who produce the best content. This is the strategy that Microsoft is following ahead of building the capacity of its Windows 8 platform.

Technology website reports that Microsoft is paying developers up to $100 000 to get their applications over to the Windows Phone 8 platform, according to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek. This is in addition to a promotion the company is running where it will pay any developer to get their app into the Windows Store ASAP in an effort to catch up to the iOS and Android app stores.

The report adds that the Windows Phone app store now boasts 145 000 apps, a lower number than either iOS or Android had achieved two and a half years after their launches, per a graph from Microsoft has not made clear whether it will reinstate the $100 Visa card app publication reward once the month is over.

But, it is one thing building capacity in online content, but you still need users to come to your platform in order to interact with that content. Apple has found an innovative way to achieve this by rewarding the user who downloaded the company’s 50-billionth app. The company handed over $10 000 in app store credit to Brandon Ashmore who was the lucky user.

While coming up with a strategy to bring users towards your platform is good, company’s will be looking to enhance these strategies to get users to come back on a regular basis. Apple seems to have ticked this box as well because the company registered 25 billion app downloads in a space of a year. This shows the importance of online content and the role it can play in profitability.