Canonical signs eight carriers to grow Ubuntu

By Quantum Capital Fund

As the world embraces the mobile revolution and becomes more reliant on mobile technology to define their everyday lives, technology companies are relentlessly working on strategies which would see them build a presence in the mobile industry. Other companies who have an established presence are working on partnerships which would see this presence capture as much market share as possible.

A lot of focus towards the end of 2012 was the role that new operating systems would play in the industry. While the major players would predictably dominate the industry, many questions were asked about the future of the smaller operators such as Ubuntu.

Canonical, the company which developed Ubuntu, has seemingly answered its critics in the best way possible. Reports from technology website show that Ubuntu has a list of eight carriers which have signed on to boost the operating system’s development.

Ars reports that Canonical said the first members of the group are Deutsche Telekom, Everything Everywhere, Korea Telecom, Telecom Italia, LG UPlus, Portugal Telecom, SK Telecom, and "the leading Spanish international carrier." With the exception of Deutsche Telekom, the owner of T-Mobile, the list doesn't include any major US carriers. Canonical said that "any national or multinational carrier" may join.

As pointed out earlier, the market is currently dominated by iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry. This leaves very little room in the developed market for the likes of Ubuntu to flex their muscle and capture significant market share. However, there is significant scope in developing markets, which is where Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth and CEO Jane Silber should be focusing their efforts.

There is a major fight for dominance in the Chinese market where Apple, uncharacteristically, does not find itself in a position where it is dominating. The same status quo has been established in Africa and South America where mobile users are still up in the air about their operating system of choice. Shuttleworth should make a big push for these markets, and if he has Telefónica in his corner, the South American market is there for the taking.