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Established Companies

The Information Technology, Online Media and Internet Sector is the most dynamic and complex market in which to operate. To move from “survive” to “thrive”, established companies must become agile enough to adopt technological process improvements and refine their product offerings.

At QCF, with our expertise and experience we can assist companies to perform with greater operational efficiency and agility. By assisting and guiding management teams to pursue strategic developments and dynamics that are required to improve competitiveness, increase market share and reduce costs through innovation and process development. We also work with corporations seeking alliances, mergers or acquisitions with new enterprises and emerging technologies that will either provide a synergy with their existing businesses or diversify their current offerings in the global market.

If you are an established business looking to gain that competitive edge, improve and develop processes and make your product line more accessible to today’s global marketplace, contact us to see what we can do for you. In the first instance please submit an Executive Summary to us by email.