Manufacturers look towards Android as the future kingpin of the Mobile Revolution

By Quantum Capital Fund

The Mobile Revolution has been a significant talking point within the technology industry over the past two years. And while there was significant focus on Microsoft’s entry into the mobile market in 2012, the majority of this year’s focus will be on Android, which is spending a considerable amount of capital on research and development to make a name for itself in the tablet market.

And it seems that device manufacturers are more optimistic on Androids growth prospects than Microsoft’s as they put their weight behind Google’s operating system which is taking the world by storm. Technology website reports that on May 14, HP added the HP SlateBook x2 to its list of products. This follows the announcement of an HP Chromebook and the Slate 7 Android tablet in February. Cnet adds that Asus is leaning more on Android these days too. It makes the popular Nexus 7 for Google (second-generation 7 is due soon), its Transformer Pad has been well received, and Asus came out with an Intel-based Android FonePad recently. Acer has also banked large on Android devices like its most recent Iconia A1.

This confirms the predictions of the International Data Corporation which reported that Android will make a huge impact on the tablet market in 2013 where the operating system has already overtaken Apple in terms of market share.

This is devastating blow for Microsoft who is putting considerable weight behind its own mobile growth aspirations. The difference between the two companies is that android has proven that it can produce a popular operating system which is typified by good security and an easy to understand user interface. Microsoft has yet to make an impact on either the smartphone or tablet market.

However, Android has been in the mobile market longer than Microsoft and a large portion of Android’s popularity is a result of Samsung’s Galaxy phone series. The roadmap that Microsoft needs to follow looks easy, but may prove challenging to execute. The company needs to develop a successful product in the mold of the Galaxy range to make its brand a household name. This may take some time to execute but will offer significant profits as Samsung well knows.